Fun Facts About Me

In one of my recent writing challenges, it asked to list out things that you enjoy doing as part of a self-discovery exercise.  Well, that was surprisingly more of a struggle than I would have thought and was eye opening to the lack of attention I have spent on myself in recent years.  So while I am working on rebuilding my list of things I like to do, I came up with a list of things I like as kind of a fun facts about me rundown.


Paper Goods

I so love paper goods- note pads, note books, stationary, cards, paper embellishments, card stock.  And washi tape… don’t show me washi tape.  My collection will last me forever.  This shouldn’t be a surprise to me based on the collection I have amassed over the years, but was a good discovery into realizing this is sort of my ‘thing’ and to gain awareness on when to nurture that love and when to reign it in.  A trip to Paper Source, Staples or even Target can be be inspiring.  I rarely leave Trader Joe’s without a couple cards to add to my stash, a much more wallet friendly option.



This goes along well with my paper nerdness, my love of fonts.  I can spend way too much time browsing sites like The Hungry Jpeg or 1001fonts, looking for just the perfect one that will work great for that project I’ll honestly never get to working on.  But I love them so and love to download a few, especially free ones to have at the ready for when I do get to work on a creative project like holiday cards or birthday invites.


Memory Making

I have always been one be a bit nostalgic, to hang on to bits of things as a keepsake or take pictures to remember the event.  But it has often been without a real purpose for all of the artifacts.  Or the intended project never gets even started.  In the last year I have upped my ‘win rate’ on actually doing something with my collected memories in creating monthly Chatbooks of the family and curating my video snippets with the 1 Second Everyday app.  They are great because it gives me a purpose to the photos and videos I take, to be more intentional about capturing some of these everyday moments and both I can easily work on when I have even a few minutes of time.  The Chatbooks are easy to curate with the photos on your phone or social accounts.  Then adds excitement to the day when it arrives in the mail.  The kids love to look through them and see pictures of themselves.  For my videos, I created a 1SE compilation for each of the kids’ birthdays this year and it was so wonderful seeing them grow up over the course of about 3 minutes.

“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it” -L.M. Montgomery


I almost always have a cup of tea with me, two if I’m heading to my office to work.  When I leave the house, I have my tea.  Life is too short to drink crappy tea, so when I travel, I have a stash of tea bags in my purse or bag.  Our staple at home is Frontier Organic Jasmine tea that we buy in bulk, but we often mix it up with Frontier Early Grey Green tea or a special treat from TeaGschwendner.  And while I love the ceremony and loveliness of drinking my tea from a favorite mug, often I have it in my trusty Yeti Rambler because it keeps it warm for so long, somewhat prevents spills and I’m ready to take it with me at all times.

“Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?” – Alice in Wonderland

So those are a few things about me.  Take some time (with a cup of tea!) to focus on self-discovery and write down your fun facts.  Share yours with me, I’d love to hear!


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