Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Fill Your Soul

It is February, and Valentine’s Day is approaching.  It is a made-up greeting card holiday, but there is something to be said about taking a day to really do something sweet for the sweeties in your life. I’m not really a flowers and chocolate type of person, so I came up with a list of ideas that are more fulfilling for your soul, rather than just filling in your stomach.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day
Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Inspire Creativity

One way to make your love grow is to give a gift that inspires the recipient to grow their creativity. Haptic Lab DIY Quilt Kits fit that bill.  I’ve made two of these kits in the past and while a labor of love to complete, the end result was pretty special.

Haptic Lab DIY Quilt- Washington DC
Haptic Lab DIY Quilt- Washington DC
Haptic Lab DIY Quilt- Detail
Haptic Lab DIY Quilt- Detail

Quiet Togetherness

In our busy lives, nothing is quite as precious as dedicated time spent with a loved one.  It could be as simple as taking a nature walk or reading some poetry or short stories together.  Puzzles are a quiet activity that can be done cozied next to each other and is a great opportunity for good conversation.


Silly Love

Often we take ourselves too seriously and let the everyday stresses edge out our goofiness.  Find a way to get a good laugh in with your partner by taking an improv class together, do family game night with some Minute to Win It games or get silly in a mall photobooth.  This date night idea cracked me up where you go to a thrift store with $10 to spend to pick out an outfit for the other person.  Then they have to wear it out for the remainder of the date night.  Plan on taking pictures and laughing as people gawk at your fabulous outfits!


Nostalgic Love

Sometimes we need a reminder of the giddiness of our early love to shake off the weight of just life we’ve accumulated.  Think back to what made you fall in love in the first place- where were you, what did you notice about the other person, how the butterflies flew when you saw that text or caller ID.  Use that to recreate a first date or a playlist of songs that remind you of different times of your relationship.  Dig up an old picture from your early years and display it as a reminder.  Or get extra crafty and do some embellishing to that special snap.


Sharing the Love

Sometimes we all just need to hear from others to feel the love.  One way to share the love is through writing to those who could use some words of encouragement.  I’m sure you know someone who you could write to, but if you have some love to spare, check out More Love Letters.  They review nominations and post several each month with a little background on why each person could use a little more love.

Hope that these ideas inspire you to come up with some meaningful ways to spend your Valentine’s Day.  Let me know what ideas you have!


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